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Americanization: What Does it Mean for Your Translations?

What do I mean by "Americanization" of a text? Simply using the American form of English as opposed to British English. There are more differences than just spelling between the two! Yes, British English and American English differ in their spellings of words like "neighbour/neighbor" and "honour/honor," but there are more subtle differences, too. Did you know that "staff" is singular in American English and plural in British English? In an Americanized text, your staff is ready to serve your customers. In a British text, you staff are ready to serve your customers.

Idiomatic expressions are another important difference between the two versions of English. While something might be a "one-off" in British English, it's "unique" in American. People are often "keen on" things in British English, while in American English they might be "passionate about" or "excited about" the same thing.

Who is your target audience? Are you interested in speaking clearly and directly to an American audience? You might consider "Americanizing" your texts, even if they already exist in English. I provide Americanization of both translations and English texts to help you reach the U.S. audience.