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Providing High Quality Translation Services

I am a French to English translator with significant experience working in both languages. Currently based in the Washington, D.C. area, I'm a member of the American Translators Association and the National Capital Area Translators Association. I've lived in Belgium and France and I know the rhythms and expressions of everyday language. I enjoy working with clients, and I know that excellent communication is the key to an excellent translation. I will work with you to make sure that your terminology and formats are reflected in the final product.

Maintaining Skills

Keeping language skills fresh is an important part of being an excellent translator. I travel regularly to France, Switzerland and Canada to maintain my command of the French language. Each day I read from French, Swiss, Belgian and Canadian news sources and listen to podcasts to keep my edge.

My Approach and Specialties

I provide French to English translations of a variety of books, documents and web content, and give each client personalized attention. By working directly with my clients, I can help you reach your goal of a translation that meets your needs. The WriteNow Coach, Rochelle Melander, has invited me to be a guest blogger, where I've shared my thoughts on writing and translation.

I specialize in travel, journalism, history, arts and culture. My recent projects include working with a team of three translators to provide daily translations for one of Europe's leading French-language newspapers. Other examples of my recent work include:

  • Translation of materials for a mobile visitors guide for a well-known French museum.
  • Writing, editing and proofreading of web materials on tourism in Bordeaux, Brittany, Provence, the Pyrenees and Alsace, France.
  • Translation of recipes, menus and restaurant reviews for a variety of clients.

To discuss your translation project, please send me a message via LinkedIn or email me at:

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Reviews of my Work

Here’s what clients and colleagues have to say about me and my work:

"One of my most reliable translators"

“Class, grace and professionalism in one petite package”

"You're the best! Thank you for such a quick turnaround"

“Une traductrice americaine qui produit toujours des traductions de haute qualité”

“A very trustworthy, reliable and creative partner”

"J’ai un retour client qui vous félicite de la qualité de votre traduction, donc sincèrement bravo"

“She is professional, kind, talented, and skilled”

"The client was very happy with your ... translation"

Why Use a Translator?

Sure, we all know about Google Translate and other automated translation gadgets. Why would you choose to use a human translator when machine translations are free?

While automated translations are fast, they can't capture the context and nuance of language. Automated translations don't understand jargon and specialized terms, either. For example, in a document that I was translating recently, the term "commission des bâtiments" was used. While a machine will translate this term as "buildings commission," the correct translation in the client's context, is "property committee." That's a difference that an experienced translator will understand, and that will make a difference in the client's understanding, too.

A human translator brings insight, experience and nuanced understanding to the document. For a high quality translation, clients need a skilled human translator.

The Etobon Project

I have been translating materials for the Etobon project for several years. The Etobon blog, which is part of this website, tells the story of the brave people of Etobon, France, during the last year of World War II. Through the translation of journals, books and articles, their tragic experience has come alive, and has touched people from the U.S. and Canada to France and Spain to India and Pakistan. I hope you take some time to read this amazing story.